Technology Needs for 2008

The high school science department has a mobile cart that is in need of an upgrade. For five years these laptops have provided students research capabilities and access to a limited selection of software. However these R40 systems are no longer reliable when students are researching and communicating using today's Web 2.0 tools like streaming video or other web-based high multimedia applications.

Molly Tweite, biology teacher, enjoys using online interactive games and labs for her students to use. Even though these applications can be very engaging to her students, using the R40’s often leads to frustration because the computers run too slow for the students to play them. Molly is also seeking 3d anatomy software and the R40’s simply do not have the processing hardware to run applications of this sort. She has developed a unit where students use digital video to explain/demonstrate the cell cycle (click here to view a student sample on Teachertube). "It would have been ideal for my students to have video editing capabilities right in my classroom - instead, some students had to travel to the media lab to do their editing while others were working on their homework assignments. Having video editing capabilities on the laptops (I already have in my classroom) would have made my classroom much more manageable."

Larry Franck, physics teacher, stated “I think that new computers would help with speed and the ability to use more up to date software. I have physics software that does not run on the laptops we have. We just need systems that are reliable… anytime – anywhere!”

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