• Discipline

    Byron Primary School is excited to share our School-Wide Behavioral Plan. We believe in discipline with dignity. We believe behavior can be learned and encouraged. We realize that all kids make mistakes and this is a normal part of growing and developing into responsible citizens within our community. We also believe that behavior is about choices and consequences. We work to empower students to make the right choices and provide them with timely consequences to learn from their mistakes. Self-control is one aspect of behavior management that we reinforce daily. With your support and reinforcement, we can provide a consistent framework for our students to work and live.

    This plan came about after much thought and deliberation with teachers, students, and parents. We wanted to create something simplistic enough for students to remember yet meaningful to represent what we want students to model each and every day. We came up with the S.T.A.R.S. acronym - Safety first, Teamwork, Always take pride, Responsibility, and Show respect) This common language is spoken and reinforced daily at Byron Primary School. In addition, a poster was created for each student space as well as a DVD for students to watch to reinforce these star goals. We have also since implemented STAR cards for which to communicate both good and poor behavior among ourselves at school and also to the home.

    We appreciate your support in reinforcing these STAR goals both in and outside of the classroom

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