• Extended School Year (ESY)

  • What is Extended School Year (ESY)? 

    Extended School Year is for students who qualify for learning opportunities during the summer months.  Students who attend ESY have qualified for specialized services and have a current Individual Education Program (IEP) plan identifying needs relative to the student's disability.

    How does a child qualify for ESY?

    •  The Student's IEP Team must consider:
      • Student progress and maintenance of skills during the regular school year;
      • Student's degree of impairment;
      • Student's rate of progress;
      • Student's behavioral or physical problems;
      • Availability of alternative resources;
      • Student's ability and need to interact with non-disabled peers;
      • Areas of the student's curriculum that need continuous attention; and/or
      • Student's vocational needs.
    • Students will have ESY services identified in their IEP if a determination is made that the student qualifies.
    • ESY Flowchart

    What are the expectations of ESY?

    • Students will engage in learning experiences that address goals and objectives in their IEP.
    • Transportation will be provided to access ESY, as needed.
    • Students will receive a progress report at the end of the ESY session.

    What is the difference between ESY and Targeted Services (Summer School)?

    Extended School Year is a team decision and must be written in a student's Individual Education Program (IEP) plan.  Targeted Services is provided through the school district for all students, by invitation, through the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Department.  Students will IEP's, if they do not qualify for ESY, may be eligible for Targeted Services.