Board Communications


                We welcome your feedback and encourage you to let us know if you have concerns. We will do our best to answer your questions and work with you to find a reasonable solution to any problems.

  • How to work with us to address concerns and solve problems:

    • Share your concerns with the person most directly involved (ie. classroom teacher, coach/activity advisor, etc.). Many times a concern is a result of misinformation or a misunderstanding and can be solved at the classroom or building level.
    • If after that meeting there is still an issue, bring your concerns to the building principal or appropriate supervisor.
    • If an issue remains, you may direct your concerns to the superintendent or administrative designee.
    • If there is still an issue after speaking with the superintendent/designee, you may bring your concern to an opening forum, which is held as part of the school board’s regular business meeting.

    Our district is committed to continuous improvement. We are always seeking to enhance the experience for our students, families and community members. We value your feedback.

  • Open Forum Expectations

    The school board shall normally provide a specified period of time when persons may address the school board on any topic, subject to the limitations of board policy. If you wish to speak to the School Board, you will be able to do so at the start of the school board meeting during the Open Forum. You may sign in only for yourself, not other individuals or groups, and only in person. The sign-in sheet is made available prior to and up to the start of the meeting. The school board reserves the right to allocate a specific period of time for this purpose and limit time for speakers accordingly. If you spoke at the last meeting, please consider allowing others to sign in before you.

    The Byron School Board recognizes the value of participation by the public in deliberations and decisions on school district matters. At the same time, the school board recognizes the importance of conducting orderly and efficient proceedings, with the opportunity for expression of all participants’ respective views. While comments and questions are welcome during Open Forum, the law prohibits the Board from discussing concerns about individual employees or students in a public meeting. We will stop the proceedings immediately if an employee or student privacy issues are raised and direct the speaker to forward comments regarding individual employees or students to the superintendent. Because we are modeling civil discourse for our community, speakers must present their testimony in a respectful manner. Vulgarity, character attacks, malice, or specific complaints identifying staff or students by name or implication will not be permitted.

    The Board will not deliberate, discuss, or engage in conversation with speakers during Open Forum. However, the Board may ask administration to review the concern(s) presented.