• BHS - PoG Northstar

  • Our Northstar Map: Fulfilling our Profile of a Graduate at BHS

    We’ve designed the Profile of a Graduate to help students navigate the world that comes after high school. Whether they’re college-bound, looking at different education options, or entering the workforce straightaway, we believe that they don’t have to wait to begin exploring and developing the skills they’ll need for the rest of their lives. Learn how we are achieving this in our Northstar video.

  • Dig Deeper into BHS's 4-Year plan!

    To meet our Profile's call to action, we have designed a four-year-long HS program to better prepare Byron students to become college, career, and life ready. This presentation highlights the components of the plan. 

  • Profile of a Graduate High School Orientation (Video)

     Below is an informational video that goes more into detail about our HS 4 year plan.  This short video is targeted towards our incoming 9th-grade students and/or any new students at BHS.