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    Byron Project Kids (PK) offers enriched school age child care throughout the year.  We provide quality programming before and after school, during most non-school days, and in certain inclement weather situations.  We also run a super fun summer session!

    Although we are considered one, amazing program, children are separated by age into three unique groups:

    • Teddy Bears (PreK) CEC Building
    • Cub Cadets (K-2nd) Primary School
    • Grizzlies (3rd-5th) Intermediate School

    Our Mission

    To provide quality school age child care in a safe, fun-filled, and supportive environment.  Additionally, Project Kids supports and is guided by the mission of Byron Public Schools… Learn. Share. Innovate. Inspire.

    Keep It Active

    PK provides school age children with daily opportunities to participate in fun and educational experiences ~ such as organized and self-directed play; physical activities/sports; arts and crafts; music and dance; games of all kinds; community service; and even the exploration of engineering, science, and nature.  Of course, reading and homework are given special attention at PK as well.  And, to further strengthen children’s growth and development, we also attend multiple field trips each year.

    Certified Center

    Byron Project Kids is a Certified School Age Child Care Center through the Minnesota Department of Human Services!  This certification includes some of the highest standards in the school age child care industry.

    In short, PK is a great child care choice for parents and guardians looking for enriched out-of-school time for their children in grades PreK through 5th!

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