• Career Exploration

  • Military Branch Options: Click Here to Explore all U.S. Military Options

    Job Corps Admissions: Educational and Vocational Training Program for 16-24 year old youth. Click Here to access MN's Job Corp site.

    Reading and Math Corps Program: Open to recent graduates. Click Here to access MN's AmeriCorps site.

    Apprenticeship:  A combination of on-the-job training and related classroom instruction under the supervision of a journey-level craft person or trade professional.  Carpenters, masons, plumbers and many other professionals often learn their trade through apprenticeships.

    DO YOU HAVE AN INTERESTED IN CONSTRUCTION, MANUFACTURING OR VEHICLE & ENGINES CAREERS?  Check out www.TRADES-HUB.com for scholarships, entry-level job opportunities, and tuition reimbursement job opportunities.

    If you are interested in a career in Building & Trades contact Construction Partnership contact 507-288-6466 or www.ConstructionPartnership.com/Apprenticeships/

    How to get ready for a career in the Construction Trades https://www.dli.mn.gov/workers/be-apprentice

    Increasing Diversity in Enviornmental Careers Program (IDEC): This program privides a unique college-to-career pathway for underrepresented STEM college students, specifically women, racial and ethnic minorities, or individuals with disabilities who want to pursue a creer in enviornmental and natural resource fields.  Learn more about how you can participate HERE.