• Update, April 2023

    In November 2021, the Byron Community voted and passed a $44 million referendum to make improvements to various facilities in our district.  These plans included the addition of classrooms to the high school, athletic facilities on the high school campus, a performing arts center, remodeling the community education center, and improving the kitchens at the middle and intermediate schools.  It has been a huge project with much feedback from staff and community members and we are presently on schedule and hoping for great weather this summer for construction.  The stadium, classrooms, and Community Education Center are scheduled to be completed by the end of August.  The performing arts center is scheduled to be open in February of 2024 and the baseball/softball fields will be ready for the 2024 spring season.  

    One of the setbacks that we have had is that once we went out for bids, the inflationary prices of materials and labor went up 20% from the original estimates when we were planning the referendum.  Seventeen other school districts in the state are in a similar situation.  So what does this mean for Byron Schools?  As we worked through planning and started to see the bids coming in, a team of board members and school personnel along with our construction manager and architects, needed to prioritize spending.  At the time, the renovations to the kitchens, scheduled to be this summer, were put on hold for two reasons.  One, the meetings with the users of the kitchens showed much more of a need and once the plans came in, it was going to cost significantly more money to do what really needed to be done. Second, with the cost and lead time for materials for everything else, we had to make decisions in a timely manner about what we could do soon and what could wait.  This does not mean that we will not do the kitchens at all.  As the entire project comes to completion, we will know how much money is left over from the changes we made and how much interest we made from having the money available in our account. What it does mean is that there is still more planning needed and the work will not be done until Summer of 2024.

    It is very exciting to see all of the planning coming together and what it will all mean for our students and community.  We will continue to work to keep this page up and going, so please keep checking back. 


    Dr. Mike Neubeck

  • Byron High School

    The projects at the high school include adding additional classrooms, athletic facility renovations, and a new Performing Arts Center.  

    Byron High School Updates

  • Community Education Center

    The Community Education Center project is comprised of updates for the entire building including building exterior repairs(windows and doors), upgrades to the kitchen,  improvements  to HVAC and electrical systems, relocation of the district office building,  safety updates and improved ADA accessibility, and remodeling 6 classrooms for early childhood.

    All preschool and community education programs in the Community Education Center will be completed by May 15.  The building will need to be vacated to start the removing of equipment and windows.  The building will be closed for the entire summer.

    Once it is completed, the Community Education Center will be home to our preschool and early childhood programs.  It will also house our Community Education Department and the many programs that come from Community Education.  We will be able to hold more adult programming as well as have a great facility for our earliest learners.

    Byron Community Education Center Updates

Virtual Tour

  • NEW! Check out the virtual tours of a few of our new high school spaces!

Construction Timelines

  • The dates below are tentative.

    • Byron Athletics Complex - July 2022 to June 2023
    • HS Additions - August 2022 to July 2023
    • HS Auditorium - April 2023 - February 2024
    • DACS - April 2023 - September 2023
    • BIS/BMS Kitchens - June 2023 - August 2023
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