• Athletics and Activities

    At Byron Public Schools, we believe student participation in extracurricular activities will build positive character traits such as; effective communication skills, selflessness, self-discipline, work ethic, teamwork, accountability, persistence, sportsmanship, confidence, respect, honesty, and leadership that will prepare them for lifelong learning.

    Signing up for Athletics and Activities

    Step 1 - Complete your Sports Physical Exam (Form)

    Step 2 - Pay your Fee using SYSTEM COMING SOON
    (Activities and Fees Information) 

    Activity Passes

    • $95.00 Adult Annual Activity Pass
    • $50.00 Adults ages 55+ Annual Senior Citizen Activity Pass (Buy @ BHS)
    • Free Byron residents 65+ Lifetime Activity Pass (Get @ District Office)


  • Activities and Sports Calendar
  • Fine Arts Calendar
  • Winter Weight Room Schedule